The New Eden Paradise project stems from the idea of ​​providing the supporters of the Swinger Liberal environment with a space with Luxury, Comfort and Hygiene nonexistent until then on the Costa del Sol. This is how a Couple of Businessmen decides to make a voluptuous investment in the complete reform of a Local that had previously been functioning as a liberal premises, but that presented great failures in its facilities and serious problems of humidity and adapt it with the best good taste and style, thinking only of the comfort and comfort of those who could visit us .

After many months of work, it opens on June 1, 2013, awakening the interest of the Environment to know the place and in a short time it is positioned as the Preferred of a large number of couples, boys and girls who finally found some facilities with all the comforts, free of humidity and a service and hygiene worthy of a Luxury establishment.

When growing as the preferred place on the Costa del Sol, the capacity of the facilities of more than 500 m2, were insufficient for the comfort of our customers, so in mid-2015 the managers of the Local propose a new challenge! Take New Eden Paradise to the Top !!! And begins an extension attached to the existing premises of more than 200 m2, without skimping on investment turned into Luxury, Very good taste and a design that would revolutionize the way of Living the night in a Liberal Pub, which opens with great success on 26 December 2015.

Today, New Eden Paradise has facilities of more than 700 m2, providing the best, most luxurious, hygienic and exclusive Liberal facilities throughout Andalusia and a work team dedicated to satisfying each of the requirements of those who visit us.


If you still do not know us, be sure to visit us, you will be surprised !!!